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In the Soil / Det er i Jorden

Original score 

Original score for 'In the Soil'

Directed & written by ​Casper Rudolf Emil Kjeldsen
Produced by Sofie Odgaard + Snowglobe
Cinematography by Tobias Scavenius
Sound design by Maar Falke Dollerup


‘In the Soil’ was my debut as a film composer. We wanted the score to be aggressive in its outbursts and simultaneously pull you down like quicksand. The score functions as a compulsively loud third character, contrasting the almost wordless relationship of the father and daughter. 


The score primarily consists of lo-fi & noisy materials, manipulated strings and prepared guitar. The subjective and abstract "sound design" is also part of the score.

‘In the Soil’ was nominated for a Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival 2021, where it also had its world premiere. Following this, the short has gone on to be shown at some of the largest festivals in the world (Fantasia, Clermont-Ferrand, HollyShorts etc.). In 2022, the score was nominated for an EKKO Shortlist award.

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